Restoration Details

The wheel was so seriously corroded and in a state of collapse that it needed rebuilding at a cost of £60,000. 

We also acquired a large Hindley steam engine similar to the one installed here in 1876. This engine has been refurbished and housed in a pupose built building alongside a smaller Hindley engine, a Siemens electrical generator and vertical boiler. Recent donations are a Hindley Cheese Press and a Hindley Circular Saw Bench. The boiler has been lagged to improve its effiiency through a generous donation by one of our Trustees.

These projects were funded through donations from members, visitors and substantial grants from the following organisations: 

Sherborne Town Council, West Dorset District Council, Digby Memorial Trusts, Garfield Westion Trust, Pilgrim Trust, Prism Grant Fund, Awards for All, Wessex Watermark Award and Sherborne & District Society (local branch of CPRE), DEFRA, EU Chalk & Cheese, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Association for Industrail Archaeology including the Dorothea Award for restoration.

These items greatly enhance visitor attraction on open days. 

SSWC is a registered Charity number 1099153 

The new wheel and steam engines can be seen operating on open days.

We are extremely grateful to all donors for their generous support.

Old Waterwheel Hub incorporated into refurbished waterwheel Old Waterwheel Hub incorporated into refurbished waterwheel

We have received funds to provide a sitting and picnic area from Awards for All, Sherborne Town Council, Wessex Watermark and the Simon Digby (Sherborne) Memorial Trust which is now available on open days.

Picnic Area Picnic Area
Dorset County Council Dorset County Council
National Lottery National Lottery